About us

Founded in 2018, The Swell Communications was built from a simple observation: everywhere, people were creating fantastic products, imagining truly uplifting projects, but nobody knew about them.

In a world dominated but mass marketing and disrespect for the planet or the people on it, we wanted to go back to quality.

Our goal: helping business with ethical and sustainable ideas project the image they want and get the visibility they deserve.

Aléna Jeangrand


Born in Canada, Alena has split her life coast to coast, between Eastern Canada, France and Spain. Perfectly bilingual, she speaks another 3 languages and always tries to learn more.

Alena has been working in communications for over 10 years, for prestigious compagnies such as Chanel, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens or Roxy, representing Olympic athletes, actors, models.

She’s worked in fields ranging from cosmetics to tourism, arts to sustainability, fashion to gastronomy.